Carry Simply Savory Gourmet Dips, Seasonings and Mixes in Your Shop.

Carry Simply Savory Products in Your Store!

You can sell our delicious, gourmet dips and seasonings in your store. Choose from over 90 varieties including savory dips, spicy dips, shake and bakes, rub seasonings, dessert mixes and sugar-free dessert mixes. We’ve done our due diligence to ensure each recipe is full of flavor.

How Are They Sold?

Most wholesale dips are sold in multiples of five with the exception of sugar-free dessert varieties sold individually. You’ll have a first order minimum of 40 packets. There are no minimums required for follow-up orders. We ship orders within 1-2 business days and wholesalers pay for USPS shipping at real-time rates.

Simply Savory Dips in Coming Home Store

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Want to know more about how to make selling Simply Savory dips a success? Check out our FAQ page for shelf-life expectancies, sampling tips, how you can sell, and more.

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