Fajita Rub Seasoning

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Use our fajita seasoning inspired rub to bring a spicy Mexican flair to chicken and steak. This rub can also be mixed into hamburger to make crowd pleasing tacos.

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Easily whip up restaurant style Fajitas at home! Dry rub this mix on chicken or steak and serve with soft, warm tortillas and sautéed onions and peppers. Add some tortilla chips and one of our regular or spicy Enchilada Dip mixes to the table for even more Mexican flair.

Use as a Dry Rub: Remove meat from packaging and rinse. Blot the meat dry. Apply and rub in a generous layer of Fajita Rub, coating the meat well. Then grill as you normally would.

100% Natural Ingredients ~ No Preservatives ~ Gluten FREE!