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Our passion is to create products that make meal time easier and bring families together. With a large family ourselves, we understand the importance of sharing quality time and created a delicious, Simply Savory way to it!

Kay & Mike

Simply Savory got its start in 2010 on a wing and a prayer!  Hand mixing ingredients every Friday night before our Saturday morning farmer’s market became a weekly family event, and now a treasured memory.  We started small with basic dip flavors. With the encouragement of our customers, we have expanded our line to over 90 flavors!  Our family continues to be very much involved in making and selling our products.  We still blend everything by hand on a daily basis and are always crafting new recipes and products.  

Coming Home is our store in Central Florida where we sell all of our Simply Savory Gourmet Dips and loads of other items great for entertaining!

Our Wicker Dip Chillers

How do you keep dips cold in the heat of summer?! Some of you have seen that we use these lidded hand-painted wicker baskets customized with a liner to hold ice and a bowl for your dip. Each one is unique with it’s own hand-made character so you won’t find them sold through our website.

BUY ONE: Pick one out yourself at our Coming Home store in Seminole Towne Center. If you’d really like one shipped, please give Mike a call at (407) 687-1445.

Wicker Dip Chillers

Simply Savory is Proud to Support:

Hays Pure Water for All Foundation

Kids Against Hunger

Formula One Life

Acts 2 Help Others

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